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Invest in the Intermountain West

Why invest with us?

For over a decade, Pontifex Capital has offered accredited investors, family offices and institutions the ability to invest in the fastest growing region in the country – the Intermountain West. We specifically operate in Idaho, Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Montana, and Utah. The region is business friendly, affordable and offers a high quality of life. 


We achieve above average returns for our investor partners through direct investments in the company’s homebuilding and development activities throughout the Intermountain West. We believe the lack of homes and apartments as well as the continued growth of the region will provide sustainable, above average returns.

Client Centric

Pontifex Capital is a trusted steward of our client’s capital. We know that every dollar placed with us represents a dream. Our deals are structured knowing this.

Innovative Experts

Pontifex Capital seeks to be best in class operators. We’ve established a reputation for doing deals that are “too big to be small and too small to be big.”

Aligned Interests

We invest our own capital side by side with our clients to achieve perfect alignment of interests. We get paid only when we achieve results.

Committed to Community

We understand that our work leaves a permanent mark on our communities. We approach our development activities by asking “how can we do this better?” Our team is also actively involved in various community organizations.

"My wife and I met Lee fortuitously, which of course is how we meet so many of the important people in our lives, some 5 years ago while exploring Boise as a new home to which to relocate and in which to invest. We have trusted Lee with an increasingly significant amount of our retirement net worth, which he has managed with skill. Pontifex has done very well by us. Business acumen, personal integrity, and a good guy; doesn’t get much better."

- Dennis P Malinak, M.D.

Contact us to learn more about how you can invest with Pontifex Capital.

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