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About Us


Pont– "Bridge"

–fex "Maker or Builder"

"Building Bridges for Capital"

Founded in 2008 by Lee Gientke, the company has explosively grown from owning and operating large multifamily and industrial projects to now being one of the premier home builders and residential developers in the Intermountain West. We specialize in building workforce homes and multifamily communities. 

Mission Statement

We understand the indelible nature of our business. We strive to build great communities that allow people to flourish while serving our stakeholders with impeccable integrity.

Meet the Team 


Lee Gientke Managing Partner

Lee is the Managing Partner at Pontifex Capital specializing in residential development throughout the Intermountain West. For over 10 years, Lee has had success in private capital real estate development including value-add multifamily and commercial office buildings to bare bone land development. To date, Lee has been able to facilitate over $100 million in successful completed projects and has produced annualized returns from 15% to 200%.


When Lee isn’t in developer mode, he enjoys spending time with the CMO, sipping wine in Walla Walla wine country and getting his outdoor fix - skiing in the snow, hiking in the dirt and rippin’ lips in the river. Additionally, Lee is working on becoming a pilot. When traveling for multi-state development projects, why not fly yourself?

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Maggie Sprenger Advisor

Maggie is a founder and Managing Partner of Green Cow Venture Capital and co-founder of Cosgrove Capital, a real estate investment firm. Maggie’s real estate investments have experienced property appreciation ranging from 18% to 42% annually while also generating significant cash flow - dwarfing the same region’s average annual rate of appreciation of 6.48%. Maggie has an extensive track record of more than fifteen years in investments, including fund formation, capital raising, deal selection, asset strategy and operations, valuation and exit.

  • Maggie Sprenger's LinkedIn

Doug Pill Chief Operating Officer

Doug Pill brings over two decades of construction experience to the Pontifex Team. As the Chief Operating Officer of Pontifex Capital, Doug is responsible for day-to-day operations. He began his career with Oregon Pacific Building Products, a two-step building materials company. He continued his career with a variety of construction related firms, and prior to joining Pontifex was with a construction company who specialized in modular, high density housing and hospitality. He resides in Boise with his wife of 21 years and two daughters. He is an avid motorcyclist and has a passion for public land access.

  • Doug Pill's LinkedIn

Mateo Echeverria Director of Construction Services

Mateo Echeverria brings over a decade of construction experience to the Pontifex Team. At Pontifex Capital, Mateo is responsible for all construction related activities. He began his career with Engineered Structures, Inc (ESI), one of the largest general contractors in Idaho. He transitioned to Perryman Construction Management, where he served as the Operations Director and led the construction and development of nearly 2000 multifamily units across southern Idaho. He has a degree in construction management from Boise State University and is an avid hunter, snowmobiler and boater.

  • Mate Echeverria's LinkedIn

Pete Chief Morale Officer

Pete plays a particularly integral role within the Pontifex family. He possesses many high-level skills making him an invaluable asset. Those skills include: ability to motivate (falling asleep on your feet giving no option other than to remain seated working), networking (loves getting treats from neighboring businesses), conflict management (will physically insert himself between two humans to advert all attention to him), office security (aggressively barks at phantom noises), health and wellness coach (insists on multiple long walks during the work day), cultivates a welcoming environment (expects treats from all couriers dressed in blue or brown outfits), and lastly he will give you positive affirmation for a job well done (dog kisses and snuggles).

Investing tip from Pete, “Invest in tennis balls, they have a high rate of return!”

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